Someone Keeps Entering Your Newly Purchased Store After Hours? Replace The Door And Locks

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Someone Keeps Entering Your Newly Purchased Store After Hours? Replace The Door And Locks

9 May 2016
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If you keep missing money from your cash registers and products from your shelves after recently purchasing a store, you may want to just rekey the locks and hope that it solves your problems. But if you don't replace the store's doors, as well as use a different locking system, the intruder may still have access to the building. A commercial locksmith may offer a variety of products that help protect your business, including installing security doors with advanced locking systems. New doors and locks may be better security options for your store than simply rekeying the locks. Keep reading to find out why.

Why Should You Replace Your Doors Instead of Rekey the Locks?

Although rekeying the store's door locks is okay, it may not be enough to protect your valuables. Rekeying only changes the mechanisms inside the lock so that old keys become obsolete. However, the hardware surrounding the locks remain the same. If the person entering your store at night previously damaged or manipulated the hardware in some way, the doors may not be as safe as you want after you rekey them.

In addition, the hardware and locks themselves may be old, outdated or simply too worn out to secure your doors. Even the material surrounding locks may have some wear and tear that makes it easy for the perpetrator to kick the doors down when the person can no longer use their key. Although it doesn't apply to every business, your store may also have previous termite, water and mold damage that weakened the doors. If you don't know the history of your newly purchased store, it's probably a good idea that you replace the doors and locks altogether. 

But before you can make the necessary changes in your store, you must first learn about your options.

What Type of Doors and Locks Should You Choose?

You may wish to install strong, reliable doors made with steel, reinforced hardwood or a combination of both that are not easily damaged by physical and natural forces. The doors may come with a number of features that include heavy hinges strong enough to support the weight of your doors. Other features may include inner cores filled with high density material that protects the doors from insects, water and weather problems. It's essential that you discuss your security door options with a locksmith. 

The doors can also feature built-in security mechanisms to help protect your store from burglary and theft, such as electronic security systems. Electronic security systems require you to input special codes into a keypad, slide identification cards along a card reader or use a combination of both techniques to unlock your doors. Some security systems automatically unlock the doors' handles when you use the applications above to activate them. If someone uses the wrong codes, the doors' handles stay locked in place. 

If electronic keypads aren't for you, consider choosing doors with advanced deadbolts. Deadbolts often require you to use keys to open your doors, but advanced deadbolts use a variety of high-tech systems to operate, including digital keypads and wireless activation. Deadbolt systems can connect to your cell phone or another electronic device through a special app. The app allows you to lock and unlock your doors without using any type of key. If you're interested in using a deadbolt system for your store, be sure to ask your locksmith about it when you contact them for services.

Protecting your company from an unknown intruder is essential. If you're ready to learn more about the best security doors and locks for store, contact a commercial locksmith in your area today. For more information, contact a company like Suburban Lock.

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