Maximizing Your Studio Apartment: 5 Do's And Don'ts To Consider

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Maximizing Your Studio Apartment: 5 Do's And Don'ts To Consider

26 May 2016
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If you've decided to rent a studio apartment, you probably want to make the most of your living space. The trick is to maximize the space you have without making your home seem overly crowded. When decorating your apartment, try to choose furniture that is multi-functional, such as a dining room able that may also function as a writing desk. There are other ways to maximize the minimalist layout of your studio apartment. Here are 5 do's and don'ts to make the most of your limited space:

1. DO Choose Furniture That Serves More Than One Purpose

When choosing furniture for your small studio apartment, multi-functional pieces are the way to go. For instance, your apartment may not provide adequate space for both a bed and a large sofa. To solve the problem, choose a combination sofa bed. This convenient piece is ideal for a studio apartment, as it will serve as a sofa during the day, then convert to a full-sized bed for your sleeping needs. Another idea is to choose a dinette table that may also be used as a writing desk. Or perhaps you may prefer a mini desk that includes an underneath storage shelf for books. Wall-mounted desks are also great for studio apartments with limited space.

Additionally, some armrest tables are made with a built-in stand for holding a small laptop or computer tablet. Nesting tables are another great idea. How about a foldaway ironing board that doubles as a full-sized mirror on the reverse side? Think outside the box when furnishing your studio apartment and you will maximize your living space.

2. DON'T Go Too Dark

Dark walls and dark furniture tends to make a room (or studio apartment, in this case) appear smaller and cramped. It's better to brighten and lighten in any way possible. Choose light colored fabrics for your furniture and decorate the walls with light-colored artwork. Also, let the sunshine in the entire room. Natural light will not only brighten your environment, it will make your studio apartment seem open and airy and larger than it actually is. Don't forget that mirrors can help reflect the light as well.

3. DO Create a "Bedroom Affect" in the Studio

Just because you have a one-room studio apartment, this doesn't necessarily mean you can't create your own little bedroom nook. Consider enclosing your bed in some way. If you can, drape a curtain around the bed to offer the illusion of a separate sleeping area.

Better yet, if your studio has a large walk-in closet, perhaps you can fit your bed in there. A decorated room divider may also work well. This may offer the illusion of having more than one room.

4. DON'T Use Floor Space For Your Large Screen TV

You don't need to sacrifice a large flat screen television simply because you live in a studio apartment. Rather than placing your TV on a stand that takes up a lot of floor space, consider mounting the TV on the wall. Doing so will offer a sleek and clean look and save you much-needed floor space as well.

5. DO Raise Your Bed Off the Floor

You've probably seen those inexpensive bed risers for sale at many home improvement and department stores. These are generally sold in a set of four and are adjustable to various heights. They are made to raise the bed off the floor several inches.

By raising your bed off the floor, you will create storage space and de-clutter your apartment. Use a bed skirt to conceal your storage and the bed risers if you wish.

One final word of caution when making changes to your studio apartment: Before drilling holes in walls, re-painting your new home or applying wallpaper, always get the rental manager or landlord's permission, as some changes may not be allowed.

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