Work From Home: 4 Types Of Rooms That You Can Easily Convert Into An Office

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Work From Home: 4 Types Of Rooms That You Can Easily Convert Into An Office

21 September 2016
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If you work from home or complete a good portion of work from home, then your house hunting list may often include "home office" as one of the top priorities. Getting specific with your home office needs can really lessen the number of homes a real estate agent is able to show you. By opening up your list and imagination, you will see that there are a lot of home rooms that can be easily converted into a comfortable and relaxing office space. By knowing about these possible conversions ahead of time, you will have the ability to see a lot more houses and really select a place that you love and that fits other needs. This will also make it easier for a real estate agent to get better bargains and home locations in your ideal area.

Half Baths

While shopping for a home, it may seem like there are more bathrooms than bedrooms in some cases. When considering the size of your family and different bathroom locations, it's a good idea to consider if you really need that extra half-bath. Converting a half bath into an office space can be easily done. By removing the toilet and sink, you will have a lot of a open space and a completed room that is ready to work in. A plumber can help block off the pipes and eliminate the water sources from the room. You can easily add a throw rug over any bathroom tile and paint the walls to make it feel more like an office than a bathroom. If the half bath is located on the lower level of the home then you will still have easy access to the living room and kitchen as needed.

Walk-In Closets

In a lot of modern homes, walk-in closets are more like extra bedrooms then actually defined as a closet. These large spaces can often fit enough room for a computer desk, chair, and any other pieces of office equipment that you may have. The rest of the available storage in the home will help you decide whether to convert a walk-in closet or not. If you have two closets and a large dresser for clothing storage, then this type of walk-in closet is ideal for an office conversion. The closets are often equipped with lights and many will also have outlets that you can use. If there are no outlets available, then you can hire an electrician to have a few installed. If the closet is large enough, then you can use half for an office space and another half for storing clothes. It makes it nice and easy to wake up in the morning and head to an office that is just a few feet away.

Balconies & Decks

When balconies or decks go off of the home, they may seem like outdoor spaces, but with a little work, they can easily be converted into a nice home office. Walls can be put up and insulated to provide your home with an extended area that acts as an office space. Large windows and openings can provide you with views and natural light that fills up the office space each day. Just like the walk-in closet, many decks or balconies extend right off the master bedroom, giving you easy access to your office during a day of work.

Breakfast Nook/Butler Pantry

Kitchen islands, formal dining rooms, outdoor patios, and casual dining rooms are just a few of the eating spaces that can be featured in a home. You can take another type of eating area and easily convert it into a home office. For example, a breakfast nook or butler pantry is a small space that is connected right next to the kitchen. This space is ideal for placing a computer desk and other office furniture. You do not need to do many upgrades other than replacing the current furniture with pieces more suitable to a home office.

By considering those four types of rooms, a real estate agent can show you all types of homes that fit within your budget range. You can find a real estate agent by visiting a site like

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