Going To An Open House? Know What You Should And Shouldn't Do

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Going To An Open House? Know What You Should And Shouldn't Do

1 March 2017
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Open house viewings are a great way to see what a home is like beyond the photos provided in the listing. You can explore the home and get a much better idea of what it is like and decide if it is the one you want to make an offer on. However, there are a few things you should and shouldn't do when going to an open house.

Be Mindful of Closets

Closet space is essential to a home and may be a deciding factor if you decide to make an offer. When at an open house, these spaces are often filled with people's private items. While you should be free to open closets and see how much storage there is, remember that you shouldn't be going through people's belongings. Try not to move anything that you see to get a closer look at the space, especially if things look like they are tightly packed in there. For walk-in closets, feel free to step in and get a feel for what it is like, but leave built-in drawers closed rather than go through them.

Stay Out of the Medicine Cabinet

The medicine cabinet is a feature of the home that will stay with the home, and they are all pretty similar on the inside. This is one space that you should avoid looking in aside from a brief glance to verify that it's there. There could be personal medications inside the cabinet, and the owners may view it as invading their privacy if you start getting a close look at what it inside.

Open Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen is an area where storage is essential, and thankfully, there are not many private items in a kitchen. Feel free to open drawers and see just how deep they go or take a close look inside the appliances that you will be purchasing with the home. Keep in mind that if you do make an accepted offer on the home, you will be given an opportunity to do a home inspection where you can verify if everything is working properly. There is no point in doing that now during the open house.

Take Off Your Shoes If Asked

Treat the home you were viewing as if it was a friend or family member's place, and ask if they want you to take off your shoes when going inside. After all, any messes or stains that you leave behind could potentially be your problem to deal with later if you make an offer on the house.

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