Three Important Tools To Use When Buying Your First Home

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Three Important Tools To Use When Buying Your First Home

16 March 2017
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If there ever was a purchase that could make you sweat, it is buying your very first home. You will be looking at options that will affect you for the next several years of your life, and that in itself can be scary. However unsettling it can be and excited it can make you at the beginning of the process, it is important to remember you don't necessarily have to go at this unarmed. There are actually some pretty helpful house buying tools online you can use to help you buy your first home and in the end feel like you made a good decision. So before you head out to start checking out houses and making offers, make sure you keep this list of online tools in mind. 

Find Online Home Appraisal Tools

It can be difficult to estimate the worth of a home if you have little real estate experience. Thankfully, there are websites and tools online that can help a great deal. Some sites actually give listed estimated values for specific properties. There are home estimate calculators that can give you a general price guide according to the home's location in the country, size, and amount of property it has with it. 

Use House Hunting Apps

There are several different house hunting apps available that you can download straight to your phone. These house hunting apps allow you to enter in the type of home you are looking for according to certain criteria. For example, you may have to enter your desired:

  • location or proximity to a certain location 
  • number of bedrooms and bathrooms
  • acreage you would prefer with the property
  • price range 
  • home features, such as pool, basement, or upstairs space

Once you have entered in the features you're looking for, the app will search nearby real estate listing for homes that match the given criteria and offer a list of suggestions. 

Take Advantage of Home Buyer Tracking Programs

Home buyer tracking programs, some in the form of apps and others available online, make keeping tabs on homes you've looked at an easy feat. These programs allow you to enter in some important bis of information about homes you are interested in, and some even allow you to insert pictures. When you are narrowing down your options, you can simply pull up the app or program to remind you of the pros you have noted about specific properties. 

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