Making A Single-Family Home Feel Spacious To Potential Buyers

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Making A Single-Family Home Feel Spacious To Potential Buyers

22 March 2017
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If you are in the process of trying to sell a small, single-family home and you are having difficulty in finding a potential buyer to make a bid, you may want to make some changes to the appearance of the home to make it feel bigger to those who come to take a look at it during the selling process. A small home can be enhanced with simple tricks to make the square footage feel larger. Here are some ideas you can incorporate into the aesthetics of your home in an attempt to draw interest from those searching for a home to purchase.

Change The Color Of The Home To Make It Feel Bigger

The walls inside of the home, as well as the siding on the exterior, can be changed to a light color to help make the home feel bigger to those looking at it. Light colors will draw in natural sunlight, making the home feel more expansive as a result. Inside, use eggshell, beige, or light peach tones to help brighten rooms with ease. The color of the exterior can also be lightened to make the overall appearance of the structure feel bigger to those viewing it. Avoid white, as this can overpower rooms with an excessive glare.

Remove Personal Belongings To Show Off Usable Space

It is wise to remove all personal belongings from the living space before showing the home. This will increase the appearance of usable space within rooms in the home instead of making them feel cluttered. This will also aid in allowing those viewing the interior to visualize how they can position their own furniture and personal items upon moving into the home. The property itself should also remain free of yard decor so potential buyers can see each inch of land, rather than being distracted by personal belongings.

Use Mirrors And Take Down Window Treatments

The addition of mirrors on the walls in the home will help in giving the illusion of added space. These can be positioned on walls across from entryways to instantly give rooms a larger feel to those peering inside during house showings. Removing any window treatments in the home can also be a lucrative way to make rooms feel larger. The added natural lighting coming through panes of glass, in addition to the removal of material, will allow the eyes to take in walls in their entirety instead of in choppy portions due to window coverings obstructing the flow of space.

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