Selling A House With A Playground In The Yard

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Selling A House With A Playground In The Yard

13 April 2017
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If your home has a playground in the backyard, this is something you need to take into account when selling your home. The playground will be an asset to certain buyers (those with kids), and a burden to others (those who don't have kids and may want to remove it.) Here are some tips to make sure your playground remains a help, rather than a hindrance, as you list your home for sale and attempt to find a buyer.

Make sure the playground is in good shape.

A buyer with kids will want to make sure their kids can use the playground safely. If they think they may need to put some work into it, or that they'll need to keep their kids off of it until they complete work on it, then they may be turned off by the playground. So take some time to look over the playground and note any sharp edges, splintery parts, or otherwise broken parts. Make the repairs yourself if you can, or hire a contractor to get the playground back into safe working order.

Make the playground look nicer.

You can't camouflage a playground in a backyard. It's going to be the focal point no matter what you do, so make sure it looks its best and will attract buyers. Cut back any weeds around it, give it a new coat of paint, and consider planting a little flower bed around it. You could even just set some potted flowers near it if you desire.

Advertise other features that parents will love.

Your best bet is to have a family with kids buy your home. They'll likely pay more for the home because it has a playground, whereas someone with plans to knock the playground down may pay less for the home since they need to save money for the demolition.

To attract family buyers, tailor your ads to this audience. Make a big deal about other kid-friendly features, like safety locks on your doors, conveniently located bedrooms, a good school district, and an eat-in kitchen. You can even say, "the perfect home for a family" in your ad, or use this as your headline when posting your home on real estate websites.

To learn more about using a playground as an asset when selling your home, speak to your real estate agent. They can help you implement these tips, along with other strategies they have learned on the job.

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