How To Write A Rental Resume

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How To Write A Rental Resume

7 May 2017
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When the demand for apartments is higher than the current supply, it can make it hard to get selected and approved to rent an apartment. Because of this, it's important to find ways to set yourself apart from others so that your application stands out. You can do this in several ways, but one of the best ways is by creating a rental resume to turn in with your rental application, and here are some tips to help you do this.

State your contact information

The first thing to start with on your rental resume is your contact information. You should state your name at the top of the resume. Under that, you can write your phone number, email address, and current address. You may want to consider using a large enough font for your name so it stands out.

Include a section about your education and employment

The next section on the resume could include your education and employment information. Landlords often look at an applicant's educational background just to get an idea of the person's character and nature, and landlords will almost always perform employment verification on potential tenants. If you include all of this on the resume, the landlord may get a good idea as to who you are and if you would be a good tenant to have.

List all previous landlords

A list of all of your previous landlords can also be a good item to include on your resume. This will make it easy for the landlord to contact previous landlords for references, and it can also show that you are proud of your rental record.

Write a section about your credit score

Landlords typically look for tenants with good credit scores because a good credit score represents a person that will most likely be creditworthy. In other words, people with great credit typically pay their bills on time. If you have great credit, let the landlord know by including this on your resume. While the landlord might still run a credit check on you, letting him or her know ahead of time could improve your chances of the landlord considering you as a tenant.

Writing a good rental resume is a great way to show that you would be a great tenant if the landlord selected you to rent the available apartment for rent. If you are ready to begin your search for an apartment, contact a property management firm in your city.

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