5 Home Upgrades That Could Increase Resale Value

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5 Home Upgrades That Could Increase Resale Value

18 May 2017
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Part of getting a home ready for sale is to find ways to get the most money from a buyer. You will be looking to do upgrades that buyers find appealing and are willing to pay more money for. These five upgrades will be well worth the investment.

Replacement Home Siding

Is your existing vinyl siding in a state of disrepair? Your home's exterior is one of the first impressions you'll make on a buyer, and a home that looks run down is not going to elicit a high resale value. Now is the time to replace your old vinyl siding with brand new siding material. It can make an old home look like new construction, as well as help a home stand out in a neighborhood.

New Roofing

Many homeowners dread making big repairs to a home soon after moving in. One repair that could be a deal breaker for buyers is if you need a new roof. Roofing problems will eventually be discovered during the home inspection, so you are better off getting ahead of it and putting on a new roof before you sell. While an aging roof could be a detriment to a home, a new roof is a selling point. Buyers will see the roof as something they will not have to replace for many years.

Improved Landscaping

Taking the time to do some creative landscaping can really make a home look cared for. All it takes is going a few steps further from the norm. For instance, making a curved flowerbed instead of using a straight line, building a small stone retaining wall, or just planning new flowers. All these improvements could help boost your home's value by making the yard look manicured.

Bathroom Addition

A home can be hard to sell if it only has one bathroom for the whole family. Adding a full or half bathroom can make a home more marketable to new buyers. Consider installing a bathroom of the main plumbing stack in the basement to limit the amount of necessary plumbing work to do it.

Kitchen Renovation

Kitchens have many features that can easily appear outdated to buyers. Appliances, cabinets, and flooring all go in and out of style so fast that it is hard to keep up with the trends. Now is the chance to update the kitchen so it looks modern and brand new. Even having new appliances with the latest features can make a buyer envious and willing to pay a premium.

For more tips on selling your home, work with a real estate agent.

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