Tips For House Shopping In The Heat

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Tips For House Shopping In The Heat

27 June 2017
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If you live where it gets really hot, then you may not be looking forward to going out and viewing those houses with your realtor, and this is a shame. Home shopping should be an exciting time, not one that you approach with a feeling of dread. This is why you should consider following some of the tips in this article to prepare for your home shopping excursion with your real estate agent on a hot day.

Find out who has the better air conditioning

If you know that the air conditioning in your car works great, then you should mention that to the agent. If their air conditioning also works great, then they will let you know. However, if theirs has been giving them problems, then they will let you know. At this point you can offer for them to come with you in your car or you can offer to drive yourself to the addresses and meet them there if they aren't okay with going in your car for one reason or another. You're going to be in a much better mood when you get to each house if you weren't sweating on the way over.

Freeze some plastic water bottles and bring cold drinks

The only way for you to make sure you are going to have cold water for at least most of the trip on a very hot day is to freeze some plastic water bottles to take with you. You can carry them with you when you are outside of the cool car. As the ice melts, sip on them to bring down your body temp. You also want to have a nice cold drink for the car rides. However, if the drink gets warm while the car is parked, you'll be especially thankful for the bottle you can revert back to.

Dress appropriately

While it is true that you are going to want to dress in a casual yet more professional style when you are out house shopping with your realtor, you definitely what to still make sure you wear light colors and thinner material so you don't get too hot and sweaty when you are checking out houses with no power and/or walking around the property. Also, never wear heels when looking at houses, since you don't want the seller to be worried about damage to their flooring if they have just had it cared for.

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