How To Be A Good Neighbor

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How To Be A Good Neighbor

18 July 2017
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When you are looking at homes for sale, you want to choose one that's in a neighborhood you feel you will fit right into and that you will enjoy living in. Once you close escrow on your new home, you want to make sure you don't get off on the wrong foot with your new neighbors. Along with making sure you do this, you should also make sure you do your best to be a good neighbor. Problems with neighbors can be very hard to live with since you are always going to be within close proximity to one another, at least until the day one of you decides to move.

Be respectful when you are moving in

Being a respectful neighbor starts the day you begin moving your things not your new place. While some streets make it nearly impossible for you to not at least somewhat block the flow of traffic with the moving truck, you want to do your best to situate the truck so traffic can still squeeze by. Also, you may even want to pay a courtesy visit to your nearest neighbors ahead of time and let them know that you will have the truck there so they can prepare for it by possibly parking a few houses away the night before or making other arrangements.

Don't be loud neighbors

Loud neighbors can be obnoxious to live by and you don't want to be one of them. If you are loud, then you may find yourself having a lot of problems with your neighbors. If you have dogs that like to bark, try bringing them in the house when they are barking, try putting a bark collar on them or try using one of those electronic devices you put in the yard that lets out a sound dogs don't like when they bark that can't be heard by the human ear. Don't allow your children to be rudely out of control when they are playing in the yard.

Don't be messy neighbors

If you are going to be working on your car for an extended period of time, then you may want to consider working on it in the garage so your neighbors don't have to continuously see all your car parts spread out everywhere. Also, if you have children with a lot of yard toys, try to have them put them up after they are done playing with them. If you are going to be hanging your clothes on a clothes line in the yard, pull them down after they are dry instead of leaving them up for days so your neighbors have to see them constantly.

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