Do This, Not That: The Real Estate Agents' Sales Technique Guidebook

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Do This, Not That: The Real Estate Agents' Sales Technique Guidebook

23 July 2017
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Real estate agents spend about six months to a year training to be agents. Even then, it takes some practice to get it right. You can tell how long your real estate agent has been working by recognizing what sales techniques he or she has learned from his/her guidebook.

Do Persuade, Do Not Coerce or Manipulate

The agent should attempt to persuade you to buy a house. He/she should not be coercive or manipulative. Being coercive or manipulative makes people feel like they were pushed into a sale, which can backfire and make the buyers back out. If you are working with an agent that is persuasive, he or she has probably been at this job for at least a year. If you encounter the other types of agents, they are probably still too green for their line of work.

Do Watch Body Language, Do Not Hear Words Only

When it comes to buying a house, you may say one thing, but really, you mean another. As a buyer, this is your method of trying to get a better deal, and it is perfectly within your right to do so. Your real estate agent should be paying close attention to your body language to see if you are serious about what you are saying, or see if you are trying to get a good deal. An agent that only pays attention to your words and does not respond with an intuitive or counter-statement that meets your real meaning needs a little more practice.

Do Provide Knowledgeable Advice, Do Not Drop the Subject

Real estate agents cannot make a sale if they forget to use all the things they have learned. As a buyer, you may be looking for advice or input from your agent. You want to give him/her some ideas about what you want in a house, and you want him/her to tell you what he/she knows. An agent that just shrugs or blows off statements rather than offer other houses that may be a better fit for what you are looking for needs to spend more time doing research.

Do Produce Paperwork on Site, Do Not Leave the Office Without It

Buyers like yourself can change your mind about purchasing a house within a half an hour of leaving the property. Buyers' remorse can strike that quickly. If a real estate agent does not have the paperwork in hand for you to sign and make an offer, he or she may lose the sale. An agent needs to remember to be organized and ready to make a sale, or lose the sale entirely.

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