Want To Hire Security Guards? 5 Tips For Finding The Best Service For Your Business

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Want To Hire Security Guards? 5 Tips For Finding The Best Service For Your Business

28 July 2017
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As your business grows, safety and security become more important. Hiring more employees and having customers, vendors, and other visitors on site all day long can mean added risk. One way to manage that risk is to hire security personnel, such as from Security Services Northwest, Inc, to help you stay on top of your business security. 

If you're considering this move, here are 5 things to look for when hiring security guards for your business property.

Network for Recommendations

You likely don't know much about the local security industry, so joining a group that does is a good way to start. Local security industry groups or networks can help you find the best in the field or find a company that fits your needs and philosophy.

Don't Skimp on Money

If you're going to be trusting the security personnel with the safety of your business, employees, and livelihood, you want high quality services. By being willing to pay respectably, you increase the likelihood of attracting and keeping good quality personnel. 

Do the Research

There are a few basic requirements that indicate a higher quality security company and will help you find a pool of qualified vendors. For example, what kind of insurance does the company hold? How do they screen their employees? What kind of staff retention do they have? How do they supervise their guards? And what type of equipment are guards (armed and otherwise) trained in? Satisfying answers to questions like these can tell you much about the company before you move forward.

Understand the Contract

Once you find a service that you want to do business with, read and negotiate the contract carefully. This document is your primary way to ensure good quality now and later. In addition to standard contractual obligations, look for things like training requirements, refreshers, supervisory elements, and what documentation you will be provided with. 

Check In and Observe

As a manager of your business, take the time to check in with the guards at your property and discuss their perspective on your security as well as how it could be improved. Ensure that they are performing duties to your satisfaction and also enjoying the environment at your business. Staff retention and diligence can often be improved by simply being open and maintaining good communication. Meet with the security service's supervisors as well to go over procedures and make on site inspections together. 

By following these few guidelines both during and after the security service selection process, you can help ensure the best possible fit both for you and for the armed guards you hire. 

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