Is Sneaking Your Pet Into Your Apartment A Good Idea?

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Is Sneaking Your Pet Into Your Apartment A Good Idea?

4 August 2017
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Even though many apartment complexes are pet-friendly, some are not. Some pet owners try to hide their pets from their landlords, but serious consequences can result from the discovery of those pets. If you have a pet and looking to rent an apartment, here is what you need to know:

Should You Hide the Pet? 

The consequences of hiding a pet in your apartment can vary. The landlord will likely include language in your lease agreement that will explain what could happen if he or she finds a hidden pet.  

Depending on your landlord, you could possibly face a fine for the pet. The fine could be a flat rate or the landlord could choose to charge you on a daily basis. The amount that the landlord charges has to be included in your lease agreement.  

Another possible consequence that you could face is having to get rid of your pet. If the lease specifically states that you cannot have a pet, your landlord can legally require you to remove it from the apartment. When this happens, you could be forced to find emergency shelter for your pet.  

There is also the possibility of the landlord evicting you from the apartment. In addition to having to find a new place to live, the landlord could force you to pay fees for the early termination of the lease. If you refuse to pay, you could have trouble securing housing in the future if the landlord reports the eviction to a tenant screening service.  

What Can You Do? 

There are several options you have to avoid this. The most obvious is to look for an apartment rental that allows pets. You might have to pay a deposit for the pet, but you can keep it with you.  

You could also talk to a landlord with a "no pets" policy and offer additional money to cover any damage that is caused by the pet. You could even offer to get pet insurance. The insurance would cover damages caused by the dog, including dog bites. If your landlord agrees, pay close attention to the policy you purchase. The policies can be breed specific.  

If you have decided to move, talk to your real estate agent about finding a pet-friendly community. You might be faced with paying a monthly fee for having your pet in your apartment, but you and your pet can stay together. 

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