Crank Up The Curb Appeal: Easy Ways To Improve Your Home's Outside Look

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Crank Up The Curb Appeal: Easy Ways To Improve Your Home's Outside Look

16 August 2017
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You've decided to sell your home. You've packed away all your extra clutter, put some fresh paint on the walls in the main rooms and made sure your lightning and furniture arrangement is just right to create a perfectly staged showroom for potential buyers. But buyers are going to form an opinion of your home before they ever set foot inside. You don't have to invest thousands of dollars to boost your home's curb appeal; even minor do-it-yourself improvements can make a big difference.

Freshen Up Your Front Door

Everything in your front yard leads to the front door, and your buyers will likely spend some time looking at it while they wait for the realtor to get it unlocked and lead them inside. Even if you don't have the budget or time to paint your entire house, putting some new paint on the door and trim creates a fresh look that gives the impression of newness.

Polish up your house numbers or buy new ones if yours are looking a little dingy. Choose bright numbers in a complementary shade to your house and opt for classic styles that are easily read from the street.

Polish Up Your Patio

You don't have to redo your patio or front porch to make it look well-maintained and appealing to buyers. Power washing concrete patios and wood porches and decks leaves them looking fresh, and it's so easy nearly anyone can do it.

If you don't own a powerwasher of your own, ask around to see if a friend or family member has one you could borrow or rent one from a home improvement store for the afternoon. If you have an extra day to spare, power wash the entire outside of your home to  get rid of any grime that can alter the color or make it look dingy.

Planting for Prospective Buyers

Landscaping choices are highly personal, so don't spend a small fortune completely redoing your front yard when you're trying to sell. Just 20 or 30 minutes every couple of days spent in your yard removing twigs, raking leaves and pulling weeds can help you maintain a nice look no matter when a potential buyer stops by.

If you've kept your yard very basic, consider planting a few hardy perennials around the path leading to your front door. Potted ornamental grasses or small evergreen shrubs are good choices to frame your door and create a welcoming, yet stately look.

Don't be afraid to ask a real estate agent, like one from Almost Home Real Estate Services, for input. He or she will have a lot of insight on what buyers in your area are drawn to the most so you can stretch your outside improvement budget to accommodate the things most likely to make a difference. 

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