5 Qualities That Make a Luxury Home

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5 Qualities That Make a Luxury Home

26 November 2019
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You can typically find luxury homes in some of the most ideal locations designed with impeccable style. However, these qualities aren't the only benchmarks of a luxury home. When it comes to this classification, it's all in the details. Learn more about what makes a property a luxury home.

1. Amenities

When you walk into a luxury home, you should be in awe not just of the home's design, but instead, the number of amenities and features that are available at your fingertips. From a built-in, whole-home stereo system to a spa room to a custom bar or wine cellar, you should be able to find most of the things you need and want in one of these properties. 

2. Privacy

A home is a castle, and privacy is a must. If a luxury home does not offer some level of privacy, it might not be so luxury after all. Look for custom-built fences, tall landscaping, a driveway gate system, or a manned-security gate for access to the community. Given the cost that comes along with a luxury home, you want a property that will allow you to feel safe and secluded. 

3. Quality

Look for quality around the house. For example, the flooring in the entryway should not just have the look of hardwood, it should be hardwood, and in the kitchen, the countertop shouldn't look like marble, it should be marble. Take your time as you walk around the house and verify that the house appointments are fashioned with high-quality materials throughout. 

4. History

Often, luxury homes have a story behind them, which adds to their prestige. For example, maybe the home is located in the city's oldest settlement or maybe the property was once a small hospital or school that was converted into a custom home. The point is that luxury homes often have a story or a unique feature about them that makes them stand out. 

5. Location

Remember, location alone does not deem a home luxury, but it is still an important feature. No one location is better than the other, but instead, this feature should be analyzed based on your local area. For instance, in a beachfront community, a luxury home should be close to the water and in a large metropolitan area, the home should be closest to the action of the city.

Partner with a real estate professional if you want a luxury home. Your agent will guide you to ensure you find a home truly deserving of the luxury home title.

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