Dealing With Repair Requests When Buying A Home

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Dealing With Repair Requests When Buying A Home

3 December 2019
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If you are buying a home, you are likely to come across a defect or two that you want the seller to fix. Below are some helpful tips for dealing with the repair requests.

Focus On Major Issues

A typical home has a number of issues or defects; even new constructions sometimes have problems. Therefore, don't expect to find a perfect home or require the seller to fix every little thing before you can buy the home. In fact, it is advisable to focus on the major things — the dangerous defects, the structural effects, or the expensive ones. Don't waste your time complaining about the fading paint; ask the seller to fix the damaged insulation instead.

Don't Count On All Repairs

The other thing you should know is that the seller is not obligated to fix every issue you may spot in the house. A code violation such as improper wiring or water penetration in the basement may be a required repair. However, it is up to the seller whether to fix the leaking plumbing or roof.

Negotiate the Repairs

Even though the seller may balk at making some of the repairs, you do have some room for negotiations. Just as you can negotiate with the seller on the price of the home, you can also negotiate on the repairs the seller can make. Therefore, don't automatically accept the seller's word the first time they dither on the repairs. This is especially true if you are not in a seller's market and there are other listings you can check.

Back Up Your Claims

You stand a better chance of having the seller execute the repairs if you can prove their existence and scope. Don't just claim that the plumbing is not unto code; state the danger and the code that the plumbing has violated. In fact, all this is easy if you have the home inspected by a professional and the inspection report captures the defects.

Don't Insist on Actual Repairs

There are different ways the seller can take care of the necessary repairs; they don't have to actually hire a contractor and oversee the work. Therefore, don't insist on the seller actually making the repairs; your interest should be to see the work done without you spending extra money on top of the home purchase prices. For example, the seller can give you a discount proportional to the cost of the repairs or they can even write a check for you.

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