Adding These Simple Amenities To Your Vacation Rental Will Help Keep It Booked

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Adding These Simple Amenities To Your Vacation Rental Will Help Keep It Booked

5 November 2020
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If you own and rent out a vacation home, you know that the more consistently it is booked, the more money you will earn. But what if your bookings are lacking? You may need to lower your asking price a little, but the problem may also be that your home is not offering enough amenities. Luckily, that's easier to fix than you might think. Many of the amenities that attract vacationers to rentals are pretty easy (and inexpensive) to add. Take a look.

An Upscale Coffee Maker

People love to start their mornings with coffee. If they can look forward to starting their morning with really great coffee, they'll be more inclined to stay in your vacation rental. Invest in an upscale espresso maker or another high-end coffee machine, and add photos of it to your listing. Chances are, you'll book enough days to make up for the cost of the coffee maker within a month or two.

Wine and Wine Glasses

Including a complimentary bottle of wine with the vacation rental is a really nice touch. Not only will the renters enjoy the wine, but this simple gesture also suggests that you care about your renters and want them to have a good time. The wine does not have to be expensive, but buying something made locally is ideal! Leave a set of wine glasses and a wine opener, too.

Free Parking

Obviously, if there is nowhere to park on the property, you can't offer this amenity. But if there is space for parking, make sure you include the cost in the overall rental fee, rather than charging separately for parking. Many renters filter their vacation home options and only even look at places that have free parking, so if you are charging for parking separately, your listing is probably being overlooked.

Streaming Service

Sign up for a streaming service so your guests will have plenty of entertainment. You can get a subscription to Netflix or Hulu for less than $20 — sometimes much less than $20. This keeps renters from having to figure out how to sign in to their own accounts during their stay. It also ensures that they'll have something fun to do when inside at night.

If you add these simple amenities to yourvacation rental, you will have better luck renting it out, and it will likely be booked more often. You don't have to spend a lot to earn more.

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