Starting Over? 3 Reasons to Choose a Studio Apartment

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Starting Over? 3 Reasons to Choose a Studio Apartment

8 December 2020
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Are you starting over after a divorce or moving out of your partner's home? If so, you may need to look for an apartment to rent on your own. But while the temptation often is to rent the largest apartment you can find or afford, a studio apartment might be the perfect choice. Here are three great reasons to start over in a studio.

1. Studios Are Less Expensive

Anyone who is on their own for the first time in a while—or ever—may face budgeting challenges. You're working with only one income now. You may not know what your true monthly expenses will be. And you may not have a lot of cash to start over with. A studio apartment is the least expensive type of apartment, so it provides the most buffer within your monthly bills. If you opt for a studio apartment in a large and thriving complex, though, you still get access to the same amenities. This often makes studios an even better deal than they are by themselves. 

2. You Don't Have to Furnish Much

What did you bring with you to this new fresh start? Many people in this position find that they don't have a lot of the furnishings, decorations, and daily necessities for living on their own. If you're in this situation, it's a good idea not to have to furnish a very large space. Studio apartments physically don't have room to go overboard with furniture and décor—sometimes accommodating as little as a bed, a few chairs, a coffee table, and a small dining table. So your work and your expense will be minimal, even if you're normally the type to buy too much or overspend. 

3. Your Maintenance Is Limited

Along with lower furnishing expenses, the amount of time and work you'll have to spend cleaning your new home is less. You don't have to keep up any unnecessary rooms, sweep large swaths of flooring, or launder large loads of linens. This reduces the physical and emotional burden for someone who may already be going through a big life change. 

Could you benefit from any of these unexpected perks? No matter whether you want to protect your budget, keep your work to a minimum, or avoid a big furnishing outlay, a studio apartment could be both practical and enjoyable. Learn more about layouts, styles, and options by touring studio apartments in your area today. 

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