3 Areas Your Realtor Should Focus On When Selling Your Home

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3 Areas Your Realtor Should Focus On When Selling Your Home

5 March 2021
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If you've never sold a home before, you may not know what your realtor should and shouldn't be doing to ensure that it sells quickly and for a good price. Here are things you should expect from your realtor to know that you found a great one.

The Listings

These days it is pretty much expected to list your home on the MLS to generate interest. This is how most homebuyers do their searching, and you are missing out on potential buyers if your home is not listed through the MLS. The only exception to this is if you are getting a feel for what kind of interest is in the home. In that case, your realtor may consider your home a pocket listing. This means that it is not on the market officially, but they are going to show it to interested buyers in the area. This can help you get a good idea if the home is listed at the right price, what buyers are complaining about, and if people are excited to see your home. You can then make changes before you officially put your home on the market. 

The Social Media Presence

In addition to online listings through the MLS, a good realtor is going to know how to generate interest in your home through social media. This can include listing your home on their own page that home buyers follow, or using targeted ads to people that are searching your area for their next home. Social media is a great way to target a very specific audience, which makes it cost-effective to do so. 

The Photography

Every home deserves to have professional photographs taken of the space for your listing. Photographs are what help a home sell, no matter what price point your home is listed at. Be cautious of realtors that do not want to take professional photographs and use amateur photos instead. This can be something that easily causes your home to fail to generate interest, which will lower how much you can get for it. 

In addition, many homebuyers these days are looking at home video tours rather than view homes in person. A home video tour is going to be actual video of the space as someone walks through it, not just a slideshow of photographs put to music. Make sure that the home video tour that is with your listing makes it feel like someone is walking through the home. 

For more information or help to find the best realtor in your area for you, reach out to a real estate service.

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