5 Important Things To Consider When Purchasing A Cabin

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5 Important Things To Consider When Purchasing A Cabin

11 June 2021
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If you want to own your own personal vacation home, a cabin is a popular way to get into the vacation home game. Cabins are generally located in rural areas that are popular tourist destinations and are on the smaller side of things. When looking into cabin listings, you need to check and see if the cabin offers lots of different features.

1. Road Access

With a rural home, it is essential to find out about access to the house.

You are going to want to find out what type of road access there is to the home. Are the roads publicly or privately taken care of? Do you have to maintain a long driveway on your own? If so, what condition is the driveway in? Taking care of a driveway can be expensive if it hasn't been well-maintained over the years.

Be sure to inquire about seasonal access. For example, are all the roads to the cabin open year-round? Do the roads get plowed in the winter? Would you have to pay for plowing in the winter for access to the cabin?

2. Water Access

More than likely, with a rural cabin, you are not going to be connected to the city water system. So you need to find out how you can access water at the cabin. For example, is there a water storage tank that you have to pay to keep filled? Is there a well? Does the well work properly and throughout the year?

For many people, having access to running water is essential to a comfortable vacation experience, so you will want to look into the water situation for the cabin.

3. Communication Access

Find out what forms of communication you have. Don't assume your cell phone will get a good signal; check and see. Find out if there is a phone line that runs to the cabin or if you can access any internet service. If having phone and internet service is essential to you, you will want to look for a cabin that provides that type of access.

4. Waterfront Access

Some cabins are literally just located in the woods. Other vacation cabins are located near or by a body of water. If you are interested in purchasing a cabin near or by a body of water, you will want to find out what type of waterfront access you will have. Can you walk to the water? What is the shoreline like? Do you have your own dock or a community dock? What are the rules governing the body of water? Be sure you have the water access you want.

5. Community Feeling

Finally, consider the community around the location where the cabin is located. Is it located in a community of vacation cabins? Do the owners work together to take care of the area? Is the cabin isolated from other nearby homes and cabins? What type of community feeling do you want?

When it comes to buying a vacation cabin, you need to consider road, water, communication, and waterfront access. You also need to consider what type of community feeling you want. Taking these things into consideration will help you find a cabin that fits your needs and that you will enjoy owning.

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