A Few Factors Real Estate Agencies Use During Property Valuation Services

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A Few Factors Real Estate Agencies Use During Property Valuation Services

8 September 2021
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Are you planning to sell your home? If so, you will likely discover quickly that the process is complex. Most homeowners want to get the highest offer they can for their properties. This is difficult to do because most homeowners do not understand property valuation. A real estate agency is a good resource to use for guidance from start to finish. They will know how to list your property and market it, which could result in a faster sales process. These agencies work with home buyers and sellers and may be able to match you with buyers who are looking for the features or upgrades that your home has. The following points identify some of the things real estate agencies use during the valuation of properties.


Homes located in high-crime areas might receive a lower valuation. Listing them at high prices could result in them remaining unsold. High valuation is common in areas that have good to exceptional school districts and low crime rates. The valuation might also include determining how far the home is from shopping centers and businesses that provide recreational activities. Some home buyers look for homes that are not too far from city life. Others may choose residences in the city that are considered safe areas. If your home is in a high-crime area, you might score valuation points if you have equipped it with security features.

Aesthetics and Condition

The age of a home is not always as important as its appearance. Well-kept homes will usually receive higher valuations. Upgrades to older homes can help with valuation. Some older homes have features that can make their selling price competitive to the price of new homes especially if it is apparent that the seller has properly maintained the home. 

Size of Home

It should not come as a surprise that the larger a home is the higher the valuation will be if it is in decent condition. Most homebuyers have an idea of how many bathrooms and bedrooms they want. Some of them may also want basements. Valuation may be higher for homes with intact, waterproofed, or fully converted basements. 

There are too many things that can go wrong when homeowners do not include a real estate agency in their home selling plans. They can underestimate the value of their properties, which can mean selling for significantly less. Another possibility is attempting to sell for more than a home is worth, which could mean that a home never sells or takes a long time to sell. 

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