Why You Should Consider A One-Story House

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Why You Should Consider A One-Story House

9 November 2022
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One decision you have to make while shopping for a house is the number of stories. One and two-story houses have their pros and cons. Evaluate your current and future circumstances to help you choose your preferred style. However, many people will be happy with a single-story house after considering the following benefits.


One-story houses do not have stairs. In multiple-story houses, the staircase occupies a space you would otherwise use for other functions. Thus, for a single-story and two-story house with comparable square footage, the single-story house has more usable space than its multiple-story counterpart.

Safe and Easy Navigation

One-story houses are easier and safer to navigate than two-story houses. Again, the issue of stairs comes to mind. For example, children running up or down the stairs face the risk of falling, which is nonexistent in a single-story house.

Also, consider a one-story house if you have a household member with mobility difficulties. In this respect, single-story houses make sense for those hunting for their forever homes. You don't have to worry about the difficulties of going up and down stairs in your old age.


The types of architectural designs possible with a one-story house mean you can easily get one with a beautiful interior. For example, a high ceiling is more practical in a one-story house than in a two-story house. In addition, you can also enjoy a skylight in your one-story home better than in a two-story home, in which only the upper rooms can enjoy skylight benefits.

Quiet Living

Many two-story houses have designs that allow upstairs noises to penetrate the downstairs houses. This disadvantages those who prefer quiet living, especially in huge households. Imagine trying to work in your downstairs office while those upstairs can't seem to keep quiet. Consider a one-story house if you are in that demographic.

Ease of Expansion or Remodeling

Lastly, expanding or remodeling a one-story house is relatively easy. For example, you can extend your one-story house to build a sunroom as long as your lot has the space. You can even knock down some walls and combine functional spaces without interfering with your house's structural integrity.

Again, everyone's unique circumstances and preferences determine their suitable house. Discuss your architectural preferences with a real estate agent. That way, the agent can focus on the right houses while helping you with the search. Hopefully, you will get your dream house at a reasonable price.

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