Understand The Responsibilities Of Renting A House Instead Of An Apartment

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Understand The Responsibilities Of Renting A House Instead Of An Apartment

24 January 2023
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Renting a house instead of an apartment can mean more freedom over making noise, decorating how you want, and having extra privacy to enjoy. While renting a house has plenty of advantages, you'll often be responsible for more duties than in an apartment.

If you're beginning to explore renting a house, it's wise to look over the different responsibilities that a tenant will need to take care of. 


While the actual design of the front and back yard will typically be handled by the landlord, you may be in charge of maintaining the landscaping. This means mowing the lawn, trimming shrubs, and removing any weeds. Although large landscaping projects, such as tree services, aren't your responsibility, small duties can quickly add time and effort.

Since maintaining the landscaping often falls on the tenant, make sure to consider the extent of work expected of different properties. This way, there won't be a lot of stress managing the yard after you've moved in. If you're someone that doesn't like gardening and yard work, you'll need to choose a rental property with landscaping that requires very little work. 

Trash Disposal 

Another responsibility you may be accustomed to if you previously lived in an apartment is taking the trash out to the curb. In an apartment, there's often a large dumpster where you can toss your trash in and have it emptied without any extra effort. 

When renting a house, you'll have at least one garbage can and potentially a recycling bin that will need to be moved to the curb on pickup days. After the trash has been emptied, you must move the trash bins back inside a garage or the side of your home until the next time. 


When you're renting an apartment, there are likely many other tenants that will communicate with your landlord regularly. This means any issues with the building are reported without as much effort on your behalf. If you're renting a house, you'll be the one in charge of relaying any important information to your landlord. 

Being present to communicate with your landlord means taking note of any concerns or repairs and relaying this information promptly. 

As you prepare to rent a house, much more work could be involved compared to living in an apartment. By understanding your responsibilities as a tenant and asking questions before moving in, you can feel much better about renting a house.

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