Attract Buyers Quickly With These Home Staging Tips

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Attract Buyers Quickly With These Home Staging Tips

24 October 2016
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Staging your home to highlight all of the positive aspects of your home is an excellent way to attract potential buyers and get the place sold quickly. Here are a few staging tips you can use to help ensure that your efforts are well rewarded:

Update the Kitchen Appliances

Many buyers find stainless steel appliances to be an important factor when shopping for homes, and some of them are even willing to pay more for them. So if your kitchen isn't already stocked with stainless steel appliances, pass on buying new stuff and give your current pieces a new coat of epoxy appliance spray. It comes in a variety of colors, including one that will make white, black, or rusty appliances look like they're made of stainless steel.

Once you've got a kitchen full of real or faux stainless steel appliances, schedule a maintenance appointment with your service provider so they can tune everything up and inspect all of the connection, hoses, and nozzles to ensure that everything is in optimal working order. Potential buyers are sure to appreciate your attention to detail and remember your home long after taking a tour.

Turn the Spare Room into a Home Office

Give buyers an idea of your home's potential by turning a spare room into a home office. Take the bedroom furniture out of the space and replace it with a variety of home office pieces such as a desk, bookshelves, lounge chairs, and table lamps. Give the space some functionality by hanging floating shelves on the wall for supplies and placing a filing cabinet in a corner. Paint the walls a relaxing color, such as blue that will help calm the mind and make the space feel comfortable to work in. You can also put a futon against the wall to show that the space is big enough to be used as both as spare room and a home office at the same time.

Pack up Most of Your Personal Belongings

With your personal belongings hanging around the house during tours, it can be tough for potential buyers to imagine their own belongings there. For this reason, it's important to pack up any personal belongings that you don't need to use on a daily basis before you start showing the inside of the home to interested buyers. Family photos, DVDs, knick-knacks and even paintings on the wall should all be put away. Keep the place as clutter-free as possible. Spend 20 minutes before each showing to pick things up off the floor, ensure that tabletops are clear of items, put books and toys where they belong, and get the beds made.

Cover up the Imperfections

To give your home a fresh and clean look, consider putting new covers on all of your furniture. This will hide any tears, stains, and imperfections that indicate aging, and make everything look like it's just moved into the home. You can find form-fitting covers for your couches as any department store.

If you can't find covers for uniquely shaped or odd sized chairs, drape satin or cotton from the material store over them and use ribbon or thin rope to tie the material in place. It's also a good idea to put tablecloths on any tables that have dings or scratches in them too. While you're at it, buy some paint to match your interior walls and touch up any scratches that are apparent in each room.

These tips and tricks should make it easy for you to stage your home for sale in a way that's inviting to potential buyers and makes them want to seriously consider purchasing the place. 

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