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How To Get A Home For Rent On Your Terms

12 October 2019
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In cities where population and employment growth are on the rise, it absolutely becomes a renter's market. Some examples of hot renter's cities right now include Las Vegas, St. Petersburg, Charlotte, and Seattle. When you are moving to or moving on up in one of these renter's markets, it's important to know how to find the right place to live.  With a little bit of research and rolling your sleeves up, you can find a home for rent that you will love. Read More …

Want To Hire Security Guards? 5 Tips For Finding The Best Service For Your Business

28 July 2017
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As your business grows, safety and security become more important. Hiring more employees and having customers, vendors, and other visitors on site all day long can mean added risk. One way to manage that risk is to hire security personnel, such as from Security Services Northwest, Inc, to help you stay on top of your business security.  If you're considering this move, here are 5 things to look for when hiring security guards for your business property. Read More …

How A Water Damage Company Can Save Your Damaged Photos & Books

7 May 2017
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When your house floods, one of the major consequences, beyond the destruction to your home, can be the destruction of your belongings. If your home is every flooded with water, and you notice that books and photos have been damaged, here is what you are going to need to do and how a water damage company can help you save these precious belongings. #1 Contact A Water Damage Company One of the very first things that you should do when you find out or notice that part of your house has flooded is look up and call a water damage company. Read More …

Chicken-Safe Remedies for Eliminating & Controling Rodents in Your Coop

6 December 2016
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When you are raising chickens in your backyard, there are many benefits and rewards for work you put in. Unfortunately, along with chickens come the attraction of mice and other rodents in and around the chicken coop. Rodents are not attracted to the chickens in your yard, but their food and living environment that provides them a comfortable place to live. Although you can eliminate and control rodent populations in the other ares of your yard and your home using poison baits and traps, treating your chicken's coop and run with similar methods can harm and kill your chickens. Read More …

Someone Keeps Entering Your Newly Purchased Store After Hours? Replace The Door And Locks

9 May 2016
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If you keep missing money from your cash registers and products from your shelves after recently purchasing a store, you may want to just rekey the locks and hope that it solves your problems. But if you don't replace the store's doors, as well as use a different locking system, the intruder may still have access to the building. A commercial locksmith may offer a variety of products that help protect your business, including installing security doors with advanced locking systems. Read More …

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